Don’t miss Vague de Cirque at the Machine Shop this weekend!


Vague de Cirque may perform contemporary acts, but most of the elements are inspired by the small traditional European circuses, reflected in the size of the traveling tent (200 seats), the circular stage, and caravan lifestyle, paying tribute to circus arts and making the audience literally part of the action.

Vague de CirqueI had the opportunity to sit down with co-founder Alain Boudreau yesterday afternoon in his Tiny House. Alain and his wife Noemie Gervais are the founders of Vague De Cirque.

“Noemie and I we were part of Cirque Eloise located in Quebec for many years and traveled all around the world for over 15 years. It was time for us to come back to Quebec and create our own show”, explained Alain. “We really wanted to create something new and intimate with a traditional European style cabaret feel.” That’s exactly what they did in 2009 when they created Vague de Cirque.

“We dreamed about it for a long time… that little yellow and white tent travelling around Quebec and beyond welcoming audiences inside to discover the intimate and easy-going atmosphere of a cabaret… creating a circus setting where acrobatics, laughter and poetry come together.” Since then, Vague the Cirque has created 5 different shows and performs in over 200 cities across Canada as well as internationally.

I asked Alain if he still get nervous before the show and he replied “Not really. The only thing that is always tricky is the set-up of the tent as we don’t always know what type of ground we are working with. All of the artists travel with us in their caravans or tiny houses.

Vague de Cirque Tiny HousesWhen I asked him if he had any plans on going to the Western parts of Canada, Alain replied, “Our season is short as we start in May and it goes until November, plus Noemie and I have 4 children so our days can get very hectic quick.” “We did the Quebec region and New Brunswick earlier this season. This is our first time in Sault Ste. Marie and looking forward to it.”

For more information about show times this weekend, click here to view the event in the Community Events Calendar.

Vague the Cirque will be performing next in Hearst, Ontario from September 21-24 before heading back to their home base in Abitibi Quebec early October.


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