NOP demands Resignation and an Apology


Northern Ontario Party leader , Trevor Holliday demands the immediate resignation of Northumberland-Quinte West Liberal MPP Lou Rinaldi and an apology from Premier Kathleen Wynne over the remarks that refers to Northern Ontario as No Mans Land.

This comment made by Lou Rinaldi is an insult not only to our nearly eight hundred thousand residents that call Northern Ontario, home but also shows the lack of respect to Our First Nations who had many traditional lands stripped from them when the province was first being formed.

Since the revitalization Of the Northern Ontario Party, Ms. Wynne stated that Ontario was Stronger with the North being part of the province and that she wanted to create equality and fairness throughout , but is this truly how her party feels?

Northern Ontario was basically ignored with the government’s  investment of 600 million dollars for High Rise social housing,even though there are fewer housing options for our poor and seniors in the North. Hundreds of millions of dollars are promised to  rejuvenate Toronto’s waterfront while many northern First Nations are without clean drinking water. To Top it all off, you  now have a Liberal MPP basically  referring to the North as a wasteland. How does this show the Government’s ability to include the North?

Trevor Holliday states, this just shows the Wynne’s government total and utter disrespect for the North. At Queens Park, we are just seen as a nuisance with no value other than a place to dump their nuclear waste, allow other countries to put up  wind turbines with ridiculous contracts or a place to reap the natural resources without having to return the investment. Ms. Wynne, the North, and the Northern Ontario Party will no longer sit idly by while you and your Government treat us like second class citizens., Do the right thing Kathleen ask for the resignation of Northumberland-Quinte West Liberal MPP Lou Rinaldi and issue an apology. You and your government must give Northern Ontario the respect that it deserves.


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