Police officer who shot Sammy Yatim gets bail extension


TORONTO — A Toronto police officer convicted of trying to kill a teen on a Toronto streetcar has had his bail extended into 2018.

Previous bail conditions for Const. James Forcillo were set to expire on Sunday, a day before the officer is scheduled to appeal his conviction for the attempted murder of Sammy Yatim.

But a bail extension document now states the appeal process will contain a “fresh evidence phase” and says Forcillo may remain free either until the day before that hearing or until April 2, 2018, whichever comes first.

Forcillo was sentenced to six years behind bars, a year more than the mandatory minimum, for shooting Yatim multiple times in 2013. The incident set off a wave of public outrage and protests.

The officer is asking the appeal court to substitute a not-guilty verdict or order a new trial in his case.

He is also seeking a declaration that the mandatory minimum sentence for attempted murder is unconstitutional, and wants to be granted a suspended sentence. Barring that, he wants his sentence reduced to the minimum five years.


The Canadian Press


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