Rottweiler and chicken appear to be best of friends in YouTube videos


CONCEPTION BAY SOUTH, N.L. — As playmates, they make an unlikely pair: Charlee is a large, black Rottweiler and Penny is a barnyard chicken.

But the YouTube videos recorded inside Steve Ivany’s indoor-gardening shop in eastern Newfoundland leave little doubt that Charlee and Penny enjoy each other’s company.

The videos show the dog cavorting and sliding on the shop’s wooden floor as the reddish bird scrambles to catch her.

“She aggressively goes after her,” Ivany says. “It’s funny as hell. (Penny) is not afraid of anything.”

Penny the chicken has a clipped beak so she can’t hurt the two-year-old dog.

Ivany, owner of Good 2 Grow in Conception Bay South, says the big, gentle dog grew up surrounded by chickens. The shop owner raises the birds from eggs he incubates in his living room.

“Even as a young puppy, Charlee had chickens around her in the house. She’s grown up around them. She’s used to just about any type of animal. I even have a hamster that she plays with on the floor … She really is a gentle giant.”

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