Hughes keeps up call for government to put passenger rail back on track

ACR Passenger Train
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Ottawa – Petitioners from all across Canada are asking the government to help get the Algoma Passenger Train back in service, according to Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes.

Hughes continues to deliver petitions in parliament to show the government that the level of public support for the service is strong and not wavering.

“The Algoma Passenger train has not been operating for almost 3 years which has resulted in substantial hardships for the area’s residents, businesses, and communities,” said Hughes. “The economy in the Algoma district cannot afford the loss of train-related employment, its economic impact, and the safe, reliable access to the Algoma wilderness.”

Hughes says support for the Algoma Passenger Train remains strong and she receives freshly signed petitions from supporters on a regular basis.

“They feel the loss is felt most of all by the area’s small businesses,” said Hughes. “That is why they are asking the Minister of Transport to put the Algoma passenger train back in service.”


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