Mike’s podcast series creates platform for local musicians

Mike McCleary, creator of Northern Indies, and his wife, Sara

Local musician Mike McCleary is tired of Northern Ontario musicians not getting the exposure that they deserve.

And he’s doing something about it.

Two weeks ago, he launched a platform for Northern Ontario musicians to share their music on www.northernindies.com, which is linked to popular music apps like iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Google Play, allowing easy access from any device anywhere in the world.

“There’s not a lot of exposure, not just in Sault Ste. Marie, but in Northern Ontario in general. I thought it was a unique opportunity to showcase the huge amount of talent that we have here,” explained McCleary of his new project, “The goal is to collaborate and create an environment where we can share each other’s music and best practices on how to get that exposure.”

As an artist who has experienced the challenges of sharing music, McCleary is passionate about giving people the opportunity to share. Although he has played music for twenty years, he didn’t decide to share his music until about a year ago. “I was so scared of sharing my music for so long, but about a year ago I said, why not?”

He entered a couple of different national song writing competitions, which exposed him to the challenges of song writing.

Since then, he has released music on SoundCloud and iTunes, to which people responded really well – requesting more music.

His most recent album, Weight of the Truth, can be found at Northern Indies, as the first official album to stream on the podcast.

His rollercoaster ride of creating and promoting his own music has largely inspired this podcast project.

In addition to providing actual exposure for local musicians, McCleary is also dedicated to show artists how they can use different resources in order to increase exposure and connect creatively with their fans.

As he reviews different tools and mechanisms of sharing music, he intends to upload a mini-episode and share that information with listeners who have similar interests and needs.

McCleary considers himself to be an ‘audio nerd,’ and has spent countless hours reading about podcasts and listening to a number of different streams.

For the last year, he put this passion into practice, and has been collecting spare parts and pieces here and there in order to build a working studio. He calls it his Frankenstein room.

After putting in the money and patience to purchase a mixer, microphones, and professional software, he has the tools to create, produce, and edit each podcast episode successfully out of his home.

“It’s important that people understand that there is no financial gain for me. It is a passion project, and so I am not in a position to pay any royalties for music used,” he specified, “but submissions are free. The ultimate goal is to send viewers to a musicians iTunes or BandCamp page so that musicians have the opportunity to make money that way.”

With that being said, McCleary is looking for submissions in order to build this community of like-minded music creators and lovers.

So, if you are a local artist who is looking for a way to reach broader audiences, listen to great music, and get some advice from someone who has been in the local music industry for the past twenty years, you can find the submission guidelines at http://northernindies.com/submit-music.

For any questions about the podcast or how you can take part, you can e-mail [email protected]


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