Batchewana Island is For Sale. The Price has Dipped a Bit Since Last Time.


A real estate listing located on ‘Vladi Private Islands’ will take a person to a link that describes Batchewana Island, one of North America’s largest private islands, as being for sale. And it’s yours for CAD $14,950,000.

The island is being marketed in Canada through ‘Colliers Canada’ whose offices are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Colliers Canada

The listing reads:

‘Situated within the Canadian waters of Lake Superior – the world’s largest fresh water lake – Batchawana Island is a completely private island of 5,200 acres. One of the larger privately owned islands in continental North America, Batchawana Island is easily accessible from the Ontario mainland, being within less than 400 metres, and is situated just north of Sault Ste. Marie.

Batchewana Island is completely forested, having last been logged over 50 years ago, and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The island offers a gentle topography bordered on its south shore by a sandy beachfront.

Batchawana Island’s sheer size, combined with its proximity to transportation infrastructure, major population centres and the United States, positions this island ideally for a wide variety of uses.’

Batchawana Island had been previously put on the market twice this decade, being offered for $21.5 million through Remo Valente Real Estate in 2010 and more recently through Vladi Private Islands.

Saultonline reported on Batchewana Island last summer when the American and current owner, Mr. Joseph Acheson’s was looking at developing the island and held a public meeting. The development would have included a private members, not-for-profit- 5 star exclusive sporting club called ‘The Batchewana Sporting Club’. Plans further included a 20 + room resort accommodation called ‘Stormview Lodge’ overlooking Lake Superior  Read that here.

The meeting held at Salzberger Hof was not without pushback from residents and cottagers concerned about the environmental and social impacts of the development.

An American Real Estate company, Unique Properties, based out of Colorado, has the island listed at USD $10,500,000. Unique Properties is a sub-brand under Colliers International.

If you want to see how the other half lives – and you have a cool 15 million (Canadian) – or so – Batchewana Island can be yours now.

Link to Vladi Private Islands here


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