Tab for Trudeau family fashions, including India outfits, not paid by taxpayers


OTTAWA — The bureaucratic arm of the Prime Minister’s Office says it hasn’t paid a dime for any clothes, shoes or fashion accessories worn by Justin Trudeau or his family since he took office.

In response to a written opposition question, the Privy Council Office says it hasn’t paid for any clothes, shoes, other apparel or fashion accessories for the Trudeaus since November 4, 2015 — a period of time that includes the state visit to India in February where the family’s Bollywood-esque fashions were widely criticized as over the top at best, and cultural appropriation at worst.

In response to separate questions about the trip, Global Affairs Canada says the overall costs of the India trip are still being processed; it doesn’t specifically answer questions about who paid for the clothes worn by the Trudeau family during the trip and where they were purchased.

The PMO said in February that the Trudeaus paid for their clothes and what they didn’t already own was purchased in stores in Trudeau’s Montreal riding, in the Toronto area and in Ottawa.

Global Affairs also doesn’t answer a question about what it cost to fly chef Vikram Vij to India to prepare two meals during the visit, saying only that Vij “generously” offered a week of his time without specifying who paid for his flight and accommodations or what they cost.

A response to another question reveals 70 people were part of the Canadian delegation to India, most of whom were officials and political staffers working for the PMO, PCO or Global Affairs.

The Canadian Press


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