P.E.I. vet operates on 50-gram hamster in smallest ever surgery


NEW PERTH, P.E.I. — A veterinarian in Prince Edward Island successfully operated on her smallest patient ever earlier this week — a 50-gram dwarf hamster named Mr. Nibbles.

Mr. Nibbles injured his paw on his hamster wheel, and needed an amputation.

Dr. Claudia Lister says she carefully researched the right anesthetic dosage to successful carry the furry critter through the surgery.

She also had to fashion special equipment, adjusting a dental dam to fit a small-animal cone around the hamster.

The precautions paid off. Mr. Nibbles is expected to make a full recovery.

Lister, who has been practising since the 1970s, says it’s always a good feeling to return any animal, large or small, to its home in a healthy condition.

The Canadian Press


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