Fearful feline fetched from floe: Winnipeg firefighters save cat stranded on ice


WINNIPEG — Firefighters are known for helping cats stuck in trees, but earlier this week a crew in Winnipeg was dispatched to a different kind of feline fix.

Members of the fire and paramedic water rescue program fetched a fearful furball from an ice floe in the Assiniboine River.

Photos posted on the firefighters union website show rescuers in an inflatable boat paddling out to the ice where they pulled the grey-and white cat aboard.

A final photo shows the presumably relieved kitty being cradled in one of her rescuers arms.

The four-footed wanderer was taken to the Winnipeg Humane Society.

The cat’s ear tattoo and microchip allowed its owners to be contacted.

“Happy to report this incident had a happy outcome for the stranded pet,” the website says.

The cat remained at the humane society on Friday because it was “still very stressed and requires further assessment and care.”


The Canadian Press


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