Long Hot Summer in the cards?

Photo courtesy Paul Conway

At this time of year, a week of sunny and warm weather can make a big difference. It was just a week ago that we were dealing with 30cm of snow. Well, most of that snow has now melted and the stubborn icy snow pack is quickly melting away too. That’s what a week of temperatures around 10c and plenty of sun will do.  Sault Ste. Marie saw temperatures climb to 17c on Sunday.

Many of you may recall a story we published last week  with the help of local photographer Paul Conway who found Old Man Winter looking pretty mean after the late winter storm.

Has Old Man Winter Seen Better Days, it appears he’s going away for at least 7 months. Conway took the photo at Sawpit Bay north of Pancake , it was of course just snow and ice on a rock cut along the water’s edge.  Conway ventured out this past week end after a week of typical Spring weather, and well, Old Man Winter doesn’t seem to like the warmer air settling in.

You will like the long range forecast however if you’re keen on a long hot summer.

National weather services on both sides of the border released their summer outlook and if you were tired of cold and snow for the last five months, you’re going to really like the next 5 or 6 months ahead.

The eastern part of Canada, including Ontario is looking at above or well above normal temperatures kicking in at the end of May and staying that way right into the fall season.

At the moment, May appears to be fairly normal, with temperatures in the range of 14 to 18c for most of the month. The exception will be mid week this week and this weekend as temps drop a bit (we might even see some snow flurries Friday night) , but heading into the last week of May temperatures are expected to move into the low 20’s and then mid 20’s for June. The hot weather continues into July and August where it is possible to see week long stretches of plus 30c.  With additional heat comes instability in the atmosphere so we could also see a few strong thunderstorms arrive with the heat.

Now keep in mind, these are long range forecasts , and we all know that a little fine tuning will be made over the Summer months, but the outlook looks good for warm weather to be with us right into October! Enjoy!!


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