Feds target shovel-ready projects for quick wins on $13B social housing fund


OTTAWA — A newly launched federal housing fund is looking for early wins in a bid to help people with developmental disabilities and women fleeing domestic violence.

The $13.2-billion fund will dole out loans and grants over the next decade — the largest chunk of cash under the Liberals’ $40 billion national housing strategy unveiled late last year — and require other levels of government or the private sector to kick in cash for projects.

The money will also target some 300,000 affordable housing units for repair or construction.

Projects that meet or exceed accessibility and energy efficiency standards will be pushed to the front of the line for funding consideration.

Officials are also going to prioritize projects advanced enough in planning that they could be approved for funding in the coming months.

Although the cash is being spread out over the next decade, it is not planned to have specific allocations by province or territory.

The Canadian Press


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