First carfentanil-related death suspected in Nova Scotia:medical examiner


HALIFAX — Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health is announcing the first probable instance of an overdose death linked to the potent opiate carfentanil.

Dr. Robert Strang said today that the drug is suspected of contributing to the death of one person in Halifax, though the formal cause of death has yet to be determined.

He said he couldn’t release the name, age or gender of the person who died.

Strang said if the death is confirmed to be linked to carfentanil — originally developed for veterinarians to sedate elephants and other large animals — it was likely present in one of several street drugs the person involved had taken.

Strang had announced just under a year ago that the drug was circulating on the streets of the province, and he said today it would be not overly surprising to see it contributing to fatalities.

Strang says it’s a good time for him to remind any users of street drugs of the extreme dangers associated with their use, and he advised people who use the drugs to keep a supply of naloxone on hand to counter possible overdoses.


The Canadian Press


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