Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation cannabis outlets to be ‘bright, open, inviting’


HALIFAX — The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation says it will sell legal marijuana in secure containers similar to those used for drug prescriptions, and then sealed in a paper bag.

The corporation released conceptual drawings of what its 12 marijuana outlets will look like, with spokeswoman Beverly Ware saying the product will be kept in glass jars inside glass display cases.

Ware says the idea is to construct retail areas that are “bright, open, and inviting.”

She says customers will be met by a product specialist who will ask questions about the type of product customers are looking for and who will also give health and safety advice before customers are taken to the stand-alone area of the store.

With the exception of the pot-only Clyde Street location in downtown Halifax, customers will not be allowed to smell the product on the premises so the odour doesn’t permeate into areas where alcohol is sold.

Eight of the 12 announced stores are currently under renovation and the goal is to have them ready for a July startup.

The Canadian Press


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