Conservative MP questions whether Trudeau’s apologies are sincere


OTTAWA — Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu says that while she supports Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to apologize for Canada turning away Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust in 1939, the number of apologies he’s delivered makes people question his sincerity.

Gladu says they are warranted when Canada’s behaviour has been bad in the past, but Trudeau may be overdoing it.

At a Jewish fundraising event on Tuesday, Trudeau said Canada’s decision to force the German ocean liner MS St. Louis to return to Europe was a blight on Canada and while an apology in the Commons will not rewrite this “shameful” chapter, he hoped it would bring “awareness to our failings.”

Trudeau has already expressed regret for historical injustices perpetrated by the government against members of the LGBTQ community, for the Komagata Muru incident, which involved a shipload of immigrants from India turned away in 1914 and for abuse and cultural losses at residential schools in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Gladu says apologies should not be monthly occurrences, adding that it’s becoming a “show.”

The Ontario MP says she’s heard from constituents who have suggested the prime minister Trudeau is not sincere.


The Canadian Press


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