Amid Russia threat, NATO calls on members to share more intelligence


OTTAWA — NATO’s top intelligence official is urging members of the military alliance to share more information faster in a bid to get ahead of Russia and other threats.

Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven, NATO’s assistant secretary general, says the prompt sharing of intelligence is essential to understanding Russia’s actions — and predicting where it could try to strike next.

Von Loringhoven says such co-operation is especially important at a time when Russia is using what is known as hybrid warfare, including propaganda, misinformation and cyberattacks, to destabilize countries.

But he says NATO members have been reluctant to provide such timely information to their allies, in part because it often entails disclosing vulnerabilities in their own countries.

His comments come at the end of a two-day, closed-door meeting in which top military intelligence officials from across NATO discussed ways to work together better.

The meeting coincides with a renewed focus on military intelligence by the Trudeau government, whose defence policy has promised to add hundreds of service members and civilians to such tasks in the coming years.

The Canadian Press


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