It Was a Good Day for a Bridge Walk


Participation numbers were high at the 32nd annual International Bridge Walk on Saturday morning.

Despite the on-going tensions between Canada and the US, about 1100 walkers and 100 bikers – split almost evenly from either side of the border – showed up in good spirits to enjoy the beautiful weather.


“I think it’s a great opportunity for the twin Saults, getting together,” said Marchi Bruni, acting Mayor for Sault Ontario. “We have many similarities – the bridge is the main thing – but we do have a good working partnership with Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, and at this time, I think it’s very important with our free trade disagreements, we’re coming together as one.”

Councillor Sandra Hollingsworth said she thinks this walk is significant as it reinforces the fact that the twin Saults have a strong partnership.

“(As) twin cities, we have for many years been in projects together. A project that’s coming up is the Super Lock,” she said. “And that’s what we as council support, as one example that’s up in the local economy. But we’re also dedicated to having joint council meetings. Because we know from an economic perspective, a social service perspective, we do have a lot of the same synergy. This just reinforces that we are twin Saults and we do enjoy each other’s partnerships coming across the border and it’s been like that for decades. It’s who we are.”

Sault Michigan Mayor Anthony Bosbous shared the same sentiment.

“No question, we have a tremendous relationship with Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, our sister city, and this continues to strengthen that,” he said. “We appreciate the cooperation of both communities and we just look forward to the walk (each year).”



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