Heat Wave Building for Sault and Algoma


Some like it hot, and some like it humid and if you’re not one of them, you will likely dread the forecast for the weekend and into next week.

A heat wave is building into the northeastern part of North America, including the Algoma district. Temperatures are forecast to hit 30c or higher starting Friday and lasting right through the Canada Day long weekend.

The hot temperatures are only one concern, there’s humidity added in too. That means it could feel closer to 40c.

courtesy AccuWeather

A heat wave is called when temperatures hit or exceed 30c over three straight days.

The heat may be liked by some people but others including animals could suffer in the hot conditions.  It’s advised to stay indoors with air conditioning if you’re affected by extreme heat and drink plenty of fluids. For dogs left out side, always have plenty of water available as well as some shaded area. It’s advised only to leave your dog out for no more than 20 minutes in extreme heat as they too can suffer from heat stroke.

courtesy AccuWeatherThe hot conditions are courtesy to two factors, first a fairly large high pressure system that sits over Bermuda and Atlantic ocean is  throwing very warm air into the area as well as the jet stream allowing more humid air from the gulf states to push north into the Great Lakes.

Long range forecast models are all in agreement and indicate the hot weather will stick around for much of the first week in July with above normal temps predicted for the the entire month.

Of course with hot weather in the summer always comes the threat of thunderstorm development and sometimes these storms can become severe. Sault Ste. Marie may see thunderstorms develop over the weekend and that includes July 1st Canada Day.


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