Hilton Beach Bound. Art at the Dock is This Sunday.

Hilton Beach, St. Joseh Island. photo by Lynne Brown/Superior Media

The 32nd annual Art at the Dock is coming up fast. It’s hard to believe we’re already into the middle of the month, but indeed it’s almost the 3rd Sunday of July.

This is the time of year when creative individuals representing a diverse artistic community come together to celebrate the arts and showcase their latest projects.

From 11 – 4 pm, the waterfront and village of Hilton Beach will be resplendent in artistry. Stained glass, painting, photography, jewelry, wood, textiles, and many more surprises can be found.

According to the weather forecast, it should be just about perfect for a Sunday at the dock.

Hilton Beach Deputy Clerk, Paula Cormier told Superior Media “We have over 40 of the finest artists Northern Ontario has to offer registered to participate in this multi-media event. This is something we look forward to all year.”

Cormier shared a detail of the event that should get your heart racing if you like tractors and riding in a wagon. And let’s face it. Who doesn’t?

photo courtesy Paula Cormier.

Well, there is a tractor ready to trot with a wagon hitched to the back. “The tractor and wagon are provided by Gilbertson’s.  People can just hop in anywhere along the route.   Anyone and everyone can hitch a ride along the waterfront – up to the community hall and back again. They’ll even stop along the route if a person wants to get out at a certain spot – like the library for example.” shared Cormier.

Count me in.

The Village of Hilton Beach is located on the Northeast shore of St. Joseph Island – what many refer to as ‘the heart of the Great Lakes’.

photo courtesy Paula Cormier.

Hilton Beach has been an important port-of-call and a popular tourist destination for over a century.

The Hilton Beach Marina is one of the largest in the North Channel and one of the most scenic on the Great Lakes.

There are great restaurants with decks overlooking the marina where a tall cold malt barley can be had.

The Hilton Beach hotel will have live music playing. Rumour has it that the Paul DellaVedova Band will take to the stage on Sunday.




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