Soo Locks Raised as Issue in U.S. House of Representatives.


Washington D.C. – Today, the House (of Representatives) voted to send the conference report of the 2019 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) to President Trump’s desk. Congressman Jack Bergman, who was selected to serve as an NDAA conferee for the House Budget and Natural Resources Committees, released the following statement:

“Providing for the common defense is the number one constitutional duty of Congress. Having served in the Marine Corps, I’m well aware of the dangers and threats our country faces on a daily basis. Whether a geo-political foe or a terrorist organization, our enemies around the world must be aware that the United States Military is equipped, trained, and prepared to meet their aggressions with unmatched force,” said Bergman.

“Having talked directly with President Trump about the critical role of the Locks, I’m proud that the NDAA report includes language highlighting the critical national security role the Soo Locks play. The momentum continues to build for this project, and I thank my colleagues in Congress for joining me to acknowledge the importance the Locks play to both our security and our economy.”

Rep. Bergman (Representative of Michigan’s First Congressional District), recently spoke in support of this bill on the House floor.

To learn more about the NDA go here:


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