Deputies Free Bear Stuck in Car With Beanbag Gun


South Lake Tahoe, California –

Dramatic dashcam video captured by California sheriff’s deputies shows an officer firing a round of nonlethal beanbags into a car’s rear window to free a bear that had become trapped in the car.
The video, posted Tuesday by the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office to Facebook and YouTube, shows officers responding to a reports of a bear trapped in the back of a car parked in a residential driveway.
The officer is heard on the video saying,”He’s done a little bit of damage in there. Yeah. We’re going to try and get him out because he’s not happy at all.”
The officer then tells the resident that he is going to break out the car’s back window with a beanbag.
The deputy fires four beanbag shots, breaking the window and allowing the large bear to escape and run away.
The Sheriff’s Office used the video to remind residents not to leave food in vehicles or cars unlocked.

Video and photographs used in the article are courtesy the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office – South Lake Tahoe.


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