Rohingya women and girls face renewed risks, harms in refugee camps: Oxfam


OTTAWA — A new report says Rohingya women and girls who survived a genocide in Myanmar are facing renewed risks to their protection and health in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

The Canadian wing of the Oxfam international development agency says the humanitarian response to the year-long crisis is not adequately meeting the specific needs of Rohingya women.

Girls and women interviewed described facing fears for their safety and dignity when accessing water and sanitation facilities.

This has led some women to avoid eating and drinking and to restrict their children’s diets.

Melanie Gallant of Oxfam Canada says their research suggests many of these women have likely survived attacks as a result of the setup of living and sanitation facilities at the refugee camps.

That’s why the agency is calling on Canada and all donors to earmark 15 per cent of all humanitarian aid for the Rohingya Muslims specifically to address the needs of women and girls.

The Canadian Press


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