If you’re in a construction zone – you’re supposed to slow down.


(BLIND RIVER, ON) – This week members from the East Algoma Blind River Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Sault Ste Marie OPP Highway Safety Division were conducting traffic enforcement focusing on road safety in the construction zone on Causley Street in the Town of Blind River.

Over the course of four days from Monday September 10, 2018 to Thursday September 13, 2018, officers issued 31 provincial offence notices with the majority of charges being speeding offences. Other charges included, interfering with traffic, fail to yield on through highway and tractor trailer log book offences.

OPP want to remind motorists that fines are doubled for speeding in a construction zone when workers are present and it is also an offence to disobey STOP or SLOW signs displayed by a traffic-control person.

“There is no excuse for speeding or driving aggressively through a construction zone. Road crews work in a high risk environment, and poor driving behaviour only serves to unnecessarily increase that risk. Motor vehicle collisions are not accidents; they are preventable occurrences caused by driving behaviours. Being late for a meeting, having a long drive ahead of you or being stuck behind a slower moving vehicle are not justifications for bad driving – people’s lives depend on it. Before speeding, driving aggressively or allowing yourself to be distracted or inattentive in a construction zone, ask yourself if it’s worth potentially ending the life of a construction worker, another vehicle occupant, or yourself – the answer to that question is always, “no”.

The East Algoma Detachment, and our partners in the Highway Safety Division, will continue to use high visibility and enforcement to encourage compliance and change driving behaviours. This is especially the case in construction zones, where penalties for traffic offences are higher due to the increased risks associated with poor driving behaviours in these areas.” – Staff Sergeant Tyler Sturgeon, Operations Manager, East Algoma Detachment.



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