Sharing the gift of storytelling with St. Joseph Island author Mike Seymour


St. Joseph Island Author Mike Seymour has written a wonderful collection of short stories in his book Island Passages, The Maple Hill and other Journeys.

Mike retired a couple of  years ago from his tenure as Adjunct Professor in the English Department at Lake Superior State University. Prior to teaching at LSSU, he was a professor at Sault College for 15 years. Mike has also been a high school English teacher in Windsor, where he lived for a time after completing his teaching degree at the University of Windsor, Ontario. Seymour resides on St. Joseph Island.

In the featured interview above, Mike shares nuggets that can be found within the pages of his short story collection. There’s an interesting story shared in the interview about the Ferry that was the only connection for vehicles travelling from the main land to St. Joseph Island for years and years. The bridge would eventually be built beginning in 1972.

Seymour has also published ‘Incident at Fort St. Joseph’, a little gem of a story that took place during the war of 1812, and an attempted desertion that went horribly wrong.

Seymour has been a volunteer for many years at the annual spring ghost hunt at Fort St. Joseph, playing the Spirit of Pt. Keary – one of the unfortunate souls named in the book, ‘Incident at Fort St. Joseph’.

Michael Seymour is a third-generation islander whose family arrived on St. Joseph Island in the late 19th Century from Ireland during the potatoe famine. At that time, the Canadian government was giving out land for farming and for building permanent dwellings.

His stories serve as historical reference points through lived experience and oral history passed down through the generations.

Mike can be reached via email at: [email protected]


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