Global wildlife populations dropped by 60 per cent in 40 years: WWF


TORONTO — The World Wildlife Fund says Canadian wildlife are not exempt from what it describes as a “global biodiversity crisis” that is devastating worldwide animal populations.

According to the organization’s 2018 Living Planet Report, global wildlife populations have fallen by 60 per cent in the last four decades.

In Canada, it says half of the monitored vertebrate species are in decline and that drop is by 83 per cent.

The group attributes the drop in animal populations to habitat loss due to agriculture and overexploitation of species.

In a statement, World Wildlife Fund Canada president and CEO Megan Leslie says humanity’s “constantly increasing demands on nature are driving wildlife to extinction.”

She says Canada has committed to new land protections the size of Alberta by 2020, and if it’s done right, the country could make “meaningful progress” on protecting Canadian wildlife.


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