Toyota recalls some models from 2002 to 2004 for faulty airbag inflators


TORONTO — Toyota Canada Inc. has issued a recall some older model Toyota and Lexus vehicles because of defective airbag inflators that could explode and hurl shrapnel at passengers.

The company says the vehicles include certain 2003-2004 Corollas, 2002-2003 Sequoias, 2003 Tundras and 2002-2003 Lexus SCs that had previous been recalled and had the inflators replaced with new Takata-produced inflators of the same design.

The recall involves about 5,469 vehicles in Canada.

Extended exposure to high humidity and heat can cause the defective inflators to explode and send shrapnel flying. At least 23 people have died worldwide due to the problem caused by inflators made by Takata Corp.

Toyota Canada says it will notify owners of vehicles involved in the recall through the mail in early January.

The recall is the latest in a series of major recalls involving more than 100 million inflators worldwide that forced Takata of Japan to seek bankruptcy protection.

The Canadian Press


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