Can You Help Graham?


Around noon on a chilly November Saturday in 2014, 72-year-old  Graham Newman and his brother-in-law Tim Young were loading things out of a building Newman had just sold on Queen St., near the Royal Bank of Canada, into his truck.

The next thing Newman remembers is waking up in the ICU at Toronto General Hospital on the following Wednesday, with a pacemaker in his chest.

Newman, an otherwise healthy man, had suffered a heart attack on the street in front of the bank, and was saved thanks to a young man that was home on leave from the army.

“I don’t know who he is, but he knew artificial resuscitation and all that,” Newman told ONNtv’s Tim Murphy .

Another by-stander – a woman whom Newman doesn’t know – also came by and put a quilt under Newman’s head while he was unconscious.

Newman has been searching for this mystery woman ever since, with not a single clue as to how to find her.

“We want to find her, and certainly thank her, and then give it back to her,” he said.  “And then she can do with it – give it to ARCH or something like that, I don’t know what you do – but we’d like to find her. She saved my life and I’ve not been able to thank her.”

Newman went to the local Quilts for Kids location at Emmaus Anglican Church on Wellington St. E. this week looking for help locating this mystery woman, who he’s been searching for for the past flour years. He left the quilt there in hopes that someone will be able to help him find her.

If anyone knows this woman or anything about this quilt, please email Soo Quilts for Kids at [email protected] or the SaultOnline newsroom at [email protected]


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