Fire on GO train east of Toronto causes delays for hundreds of commuters


TORONTO — Hundreds of commuters are facing long delays this morning after a fire broke out on a GO transit train heading into Toronto.

Metrolinx Spokeswoman Anne Marie Aikins says crews noticed smoke pouring from a locomotive on a train travelling the Lakeshore East line that was approaching Toronto from Oshawa, Ont.

She says crews moved passengers seated near the locomotive to a coach further down the train while emergency responders got to the scene.

She says the fire is extinguished and no one was injured, but says the incident is causing major delays.

Aikins says all trains on routes east of Toronto have been held up for more than an hour, adding they can’t get going again until the damaged locomotive is moved and emergency responders have left the scene.

Passengers on the stalled train are being evacuated to another train. All routes travelling westbound from Union Station are not impacted by the fire.

The Canadian Press


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