Thoughts about the truckers

Lake Superior Winter
Mamainse Harbour area on the North shore of Lake Superior. Photo credit Bruce Clement. received the following submission from a viewer who decided to put their thoughts into a poem this past Saturday:

Heading into the lion’s den, or finding home

It’s minus 26 in Kenora, minus 11 in Sault Ste Marie
I imagine their mood at this moment
Getting up, drinking coffee or tea.
They’re loading back up for the journey
A thousand k drive, even more
They’re rounding the lakehead for some of the day
With their dreams but unsure what’s in store.

It is such a beautiful highway, with the flickering lights of each town
When sun’s up they’ll catch little glimpses
Of the huge lake they’re driving around
They’ve already gone through the prairies
The flatness, grain land and big sky
And today they are  nestled in rock cliffs
That extend on each side, stark and high.

They’re halfway, and here’s where it’s hardest
Long stretches of service-rare road
And the two lane ribbon of highway
Is snowy today and it’s cold

They’ve been greeted by waves on the journey
Free coffee and posters and cheers
But what lies ahead is a mystery
They’ve been misunderstood for some years.

The nay-sayers say they’re outdated
In sun and electric take pride
Yet truth is the homes they are passing
Are heated by what they provide.

It takes calm and patience to drive now
Belief that fair laws can be made
Belief that the journey is worth it
Democracy loud and unfazed.

The Ottawa speeches they’re planning
Are not by professionals, no
They come from the heart with one key theme
Show respect, act with peace, let them know

The drivers just cling to the vision
That lawmakers try to be fair
It takes a long journey to show them
It takes a long time to get there..

BG Markstad


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