Batchewana First Nation Leadership Evict Local Businessman for Hate Speech


Sault Ste. Marie, ON – Last week it was discovered through a number of media outlets that local businessman Dave Selvers has been promoting hate speech towards Woman, Native Americans, Muslims, and LGBTQ persons through social media and blog posts.

“This type of language is not only controversial and offensive but it is a danger that threatens the safety of our community. Our office has been inundated with concerns from our citizens who are fearful of having this hateful man operating his business in their backyard” said Chief Dean Sayers.

Selvers is the President of Millenium Crane Rental Ltd. which is located at 491 Gran St. on the Rankin Reserve of Batchewana First Nation (BFN).

The leadership of BFN vehemently oppose the views expressed by Mr. Selvers and are taking appropriate measures to sever all business relations with him and his company, Millennial Crane.

“What’s most concerning is that Mr. Selvers makes no apologies and takes no responsibility for his hurtful actions. It is clear that this unacceptable behavior will continue and we simply can not condone that” added councillor Gary Roach.



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