Atomic MusicFest is Coming This August


Heavy Metal fans, get ready. AstroRabbit Entertainment is bringing a Heavy Metal festival to the area this summer.

The festival will be held outdoors from Friday, August 9 until Sunday, August 11, at the Elliot Lake Airport.

Corey McKenzie (of AstroRabbit Entertainment) has the support of the local community and has worked with the local city council to obtain permission to rent the use of the airport and surrounding area for attendees to camp out.

50 per cent of the profits gained from revenue will be donated to the Elliot Lake Hospital and non-profit organizations.

The festival will consist of at least a dozen bands including the best of the best Heavy Metal Tribute acts.

Talent includes:

Parabol (The tool Experience),
Sandman (The Only Sanctioned Metallica Tribute),
Night Prowler (The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute); and
Fantera (A Kick-A** Tribute to Pantera)
Besides, Parabol, other local acts from Sault Ste. Marie to be on the bill include Jack Spades  and Re:Born who will also be opening up for the legendary Killer Dwarfs on Apr. 27.

Although this festival is geared towards the heavier sound; McKenzie is not leaving anyone out, as members of the local Soo Hip Hop community will also be performing.

Vendors, as well as more acts, are encouraged to contact McKenzie to see how they can make this great festival even better.

To purchase tickets and to get information on lodging and a complete list of the acts for this epic party, please click here.


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