Six wolves saved from starvation on Lake Superior island, sent to Michigan


A Canadian-U.S. team has successfully moved six wolves off a northern Ontario island to one on the U.S. side of Lake Superior.

Isle Royale National Park superintendent Phyllis Green says the wolves were moved over the weekend from Michipicoten Island, where the pack was at risk of starvation, to Isle Royale in Michigan.

The wolves first got over to Michipicoten Island in the winter of 2014 when ice allowed them to cross over from the Ontario mainland.

After gradually killing off the caribou they preyed on, the wolves on the island were in danger of dying of starvation without intervention.

Green says many of the wolves on the island were in poor condition when they were caught.

She says the six wolves will be reunited on Isle Royale with two other wolves that had been previously moved off the island a month earlier.


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