A Little More Winter Still in the Cards


As SaultOnline.com / ONNtv first reported earlier this week, we’re not quite done with Winter just yet, but if we’re lucky we might just dodge the brunt of another big storm brewing up from the United States. This next Colorado Low is producing up to two feet of snow in some parts of the midwest as it makes it’s way to the Great Lakes. It’s also producing hours of freezing rain and strong winds.

Special weather statement in effect for:

Agawa – Lake Superior Park
Snow and ice pellets beginning Thursday evening changing to freezing rain overnight.

Precipitation will move into Northeastern Ontario beginning Thursday evening. The precipitation is likely to begin as snow heavy at times before changing to ice pellets and then to freezing rain overnight.

Snow and ice pellet amounts are forecast to be in a range from 5 to 15 cm by Friday morning. Current indications suggest that a swath from Wawa to Timmins is most likely to receive the heaviest snow and ice pellet amounts.

The precipitation is forecast to change to freezing rain overnight Thursday night and may last for several hours before changing to rain on Friday.

Snowfall and freezing rain warnings may be required.


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