MPP Michael Mantha on National Motorcycle Awareness Month

motorcycle awareness month

Queen’s Park – With the retreat of winter and the welcoming warmer days approaching, motorcycle enthusiasts once again take to the road. After being absent from the view of other vehicle operators, drivers need to be reminded to be alert and ready to share the road with motorcycles.

Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Michael Mantha said, “There is something special about getting out on two wheels to enjoy all that this province has to offer. Motorcyclists enjoy the extra thrill of feeling the road directly beneath them and being that much closer to the out-of-doors as they travel along.”

Each year over 700,000 motorcycle drivers hit the roads here in Canada. Such enthusiast make a substantial contribution to our economy, injecting over $2.5 billion including bike and equipment purchases, insurance, fuel, maintenance and, of course, a huge layout for tourism across the province.

The purpose of Motorcycle Awareness Month is to increase motorcyclists and vehicle driver awareness of their surroundings. Mantha said, “All of us need remember to use extra caution in consistently using turn signals, signaling lane changes, and to use both mirrors and shoulder checks to eliminate blind spots. Accidents only take a split second to happen.”

Riders can do a lot to protect themselves by wearing protective equipment and attire, keeping their bike in good working condition, be on the alert for road hazards and weather conditions. They are encouraged to sign up for one of the many defensive driving courses that various clubs and associations offer.

“Safe vehicle operation and safety are paramount responsibilities for all drivers. Do your part to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the beauty that Northern Ontario has to offer and that everyone arrives at their destination safely.” Mantha went on to say that it is a good friend or loving family member, not a worry wart, who reminds loved ones to be safe when they are riding, driving or heading out on the trails. And for sure, remind them to keep their cellphones in their purse or pocket until they get safely off the road.


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