CBC’s Anna Maria Tremonti steps down as ‘The Current’ host to become podcaster


TORONTO — Award-winning broadcaster Anna Maria Tremonti is stepping down from her role as host of CBC Radio One’s “The Current” to dive into the digital world of podcasting.

Tremonti announced in a news release Monday that she will produce and host new projects for CBC Podcasts, including a one-on-one interview series set to launch this fall.

She’s expected to host her last broadcast of “The Current” on June 21.

Her upcoming interview podcast is billed as a series of in-depth conversations with guests who are both well-known and on the rise.

Tremonti also has a second podcasting project in the works, the details of which will be announced later this year.

A CBC spokeswoman declined to provide details about the public broadcaster’s plans to select a new host of “The Current,” but said more information is forthcoming.

Tremonti has been part of the current affairs radio show since its inception in 2002. Prior to that, she spent 19 years with CBC Television, working on programs including “The Fifth Estate” and “The National.”


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