Scheer vows to end ‘illegal’ border crossings as part of immigration plan


OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says if he’s elected prime minister he would put an end to “illegal” border crossings in Canada.

Scheer is outlining his vision for immigration in Canada today as part of a series of policy announcements ahead of the fall federal election.

The Conservative leader says he would close a loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the United States that has allowed asylum-seekers who slip into Canada by avoiding border checkpoints to make refugee claims that wouldn’t be taken at official crossings.

Scheer says Canadians have lost confidence in the fairness of the immigration system due in part to the influx of these irregular migrants — a situation he blames on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He believes he can restore Canadians’ trust with his own approach to immigration policy — changes that would include: improved language training for new arrivals, better recognition of work credentials and refocusing the government-sponsored refugee program on victims of atrocities.

Scheer also says he would set Canada’s annual immigration numbers to levels that are consistent with the best interests of Canada, and that these figures might change every year.

Teresa Wright, The Canadian Press


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