Trudeau to include U.S. state abortion laws in talks with VP Pence


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he intends to raise the “backsliding” of women’s rights in the United States with Vice-President Mike Pence this week.

Pence is to be in Ottawa Thursday to meet with Trudeau and discuss steps towards ratifying the new North American trade deal.

Trudeau says their discussion will mostly be on trade but that he will bring up the rush of anti-abortion laws being passed in multiple U.S. states in recent weeks.

Pence is a well-known opponent of abortion.

The Liberals are trying to use the anti-abortion laws being pushed by conservative politicians in the United States as a political weapon against Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

Scheer has said he will not reopen the abortion debate in Canada should he become prime minister in the fall.


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