Environmental assessment overhaul, tanker ban bills face final vote in Senate


OTTAWA — The Liberal government’s push to make climate change impacts part of the assessment process for new national resource projects faces its final hurdle today.

Bill C-69 is back in the Senate for another vote after the House of Commons rejected more than half of the 200-plus amendments proposed by the upper house.

Also back in the Senate facing its final decision is Bill C-48, which imposes a ban on oil tankers off the northern coast of British Columbia.

The two bills have become a flashpoint between the Liberals and Conservatives over how Canada can protect the environment without driving away investment from the fossil fuel sector.

The unelected Senate has generally voted to accept the will of the elected House of Commons when there is a dispute between the two parliamentary chambers about legislation.

The bills are expected to be fodder for both major parties on the campaign trail to this fall’s election.

The Canadian Press


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