Canadian food supplies at risk if climate change not slowed, new UN report shows


OTTAWA — Canada will not be spared the impact of food shortages and price shocks if global warming is not kept below 2 degrees Celsius, a new report suggests.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is releasing a report today on the impacts farming, forestry and other uses of land have on climate change, as well as the impacts a warming planet will have on those industries.

Last fall, another report from the panel showed the planet had already warmed up almost 1 C compared to pre-industrial times.

The Paris climate change agreement is straining to keep global warming below 2 C and as close to 1.5 C as possible.

The latest report shows that if the planet’s temperature rises more than 2 C, there will be sustained disruptions in food supplies all around the world; warming between 1.5 C and 2 C will produce periodic food shocks.

Catherine Abreu, executive director of Climate Action Network Canada, says the report is further proof of the tipping point the world faces if people do not do more to curb greenhouse gas emissions and slow the rate of global warming.


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