Helping kids to succeed in Kindergarten


Some 310 youngsters are currently taking part in the Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon’s Apprends p’tit (Little Learners) Program. This two-week program, offered in 17 French-language Catholic schools from August 12th to the 23rd, welcomed children who are starting Kindergarten this coming September. Through play, this free program helps future CSC Nouvelon students become familiar with the school environment and schedule.

This program focuses primarily on learning through play. This allows future Kindergarten students to understand how classrooms function, improve their language skills, develop social abilities and raise their self-confidence level. These acquired skills will foster a smoother transition to school life in September. The program is taught by educators who are specialized in early childhood or youth education, thus ensuring that their young students make progress in an environment that supports development and learning.

“Every child’s experience when entering kindergarten is different”, explains Ms. Nicole Sonier, executive director of learning at CSC Nouvelon. “Offering the Apprends p’tit program helps our future students become comfortable with the school environment allowing them to truly benefit from their Kindergarten experience come September.”


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