Hurricane Dorian headed to the Maritimes and eastern Quebec


HALIFAX — The Canadian Hurricane Centre says hurricane Dorian will move into Atlantic Canada and eastern Quebec this weekend as either a Category 1 hurricane or a strong tropical storm.

In its first official statement regarding Dorian, the centre says the storm will track along the U.S. eastern seaboard to North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras on Friday and move near Nova Scotia on Saturday.

A Category 1 hurricane produces sustained wind speeds above 119 kilometres per hour.

The centre in Halifax says Dorian may still be a full-fledged hurricane once it enters Canadian waters but is expected to diminish to a tropical storm as it moves though the Atlantic region.

Heavy rainfall is expected, especially north and west of Dorian’s track, which means the biggest downpours will likely be along the southern Maritimes on Saturday and parts of Newfoundland on Sunday.

Environment Canada says most parts of Atlantic Canada will experience tropical storm force winds, which exceed 63 kilometres per hour.

The strong winds could cause power outages, and pounding surf is expected in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.


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