‘Friends of Science’ thanks Elections Canada for warning on climate-change talk


OTTAWA — A Calgary organization that argues climate change is nothing close to a global emergency says Elections Canada is right to keep a close eye on campaign-period communications from the climate-change lobby.

In an open letter, the Friends of Science Society thanks Elections Canada for indicating that the science on climate change has not been settled.

The group bills itself as a non-partisan advocate for civil debate on climate change, which it says is not caused by carbon-dioxide emissions but rather by the sun.

The letter is a response to another written by 350 Canadian scientists who are asking Elections Canada to clarify its warning that any advertising or promotional materials discussing climate change as real could be considered partisan conversation because there is at least one party running that appears to disagree.

Some scientists and environment groups say the decision is stifling their voices in a critical election and that the agency is overstepping its bounds.

The Elections Canada warning doesn’t stop all talk of climate change but does require any group to register as a third party if it spends more than $500 on advertising or communications on issues raised by any party during the campaign.


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