Possible to hold socially conservative views and be prime minister: Scheer


OTTAWA — Andrew Scheer says he believes a prime minister can hold socially conservative views and yet still govern for all Canadians.

But the Conservative leader acknowledges that the party’s membership may yet conclude that he is the main reason they failed to win a majority government on Monday.

Scheer tells The Canadian Press he knows tough questions are being asked about why his party couldn’t conquer the Liberals, given the scandals that have swirled around Justin Trudeau’s government.

And while some of that debate involves his personal views on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, he says he believes Canadians recognize people in this country have a variety of widely held opinions on social issues.

Scheer says the party is undertaking a broad review of the campaign — what went right, what went wrong and what needs to happen next.

He says members have the right to decide he should be replaced, but that he intends to try to convince them otherwise.


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