Big business makes post-election pitch to incoming federal government


OTTAWA — Big business is adding its voice to a broader call for economy-lifting changes in Canada following an election campaign widely criticized for its dearth of deep policy discussion.

The Business Council of Canada, a lobby group representing chief executives of the largest corporations, underlines in a new report its concerns around obstacles like the aging population, sluggish productivity and global economic threats.

The document lays out recommendations the council argues will improve Canada’s position.

Among the ideas are a call to boost immigration to supply the labour force, easing regulations, updating the tax system, and convening a first ministers meeting to develop a national-resources strategy.

Leaders from across the business community have urged the incoming government to lay out a strategy on how best to make Canada more prosperous, especially at a time of elevated trade uncertainty and rapid technological change.

Political parties largely avoided putting forward detailed visions for how best to boost Canada’s economic future during this fall’s federal election campaign, even as the global economy flashed signs of a slowdown.


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