Elementary, high school teachers start work-to-rule campaigns


TORONTO — Teachers in Ontario’s public elementary and high schools won’t be performing some administrative work starting today as part of work-to-rule campaigns.

They say months of contract talks with the government have produced little progress.

The tasks the teachers will stop performing include putting comments on report cards, attending certain meetings and participating in standardized testing.

Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation president Harvey Bischof says nothing will affect the quality of the students’ learning environment.

The union has talks scheduled with the province on Wednesday and Thursday, and Bischof says escalating the strike after that point is possible.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce said the government has been reasonable in contract talks, scaling back increases to class sizes and mandatory e-learning requirements.

The government announced in the spring that they were increasing average high school class sizes from 22 to 28 over four years and requiring four online credits to graduate. In recent weeks, it has offered a class-size increase to 25 instead, and dropped the e-learning requirement to two courses.


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