Wawa students celebrate a delicious French-Canada tradition


The tradition of cooking, pulling and eating taffy on Sainte-Catherine Day is alive and well at École Saint-Joseph (Wawa). Yesterday, on November 25, Ms. Carole Bouffard, teacher, and students from the drama class, Kaléya Bélanger, Ella Leadbeater, Morgandy Leadbetter, Cora Nelson and Kelsey Scott prepared the delicious St. Cahterine’s taffy for all elementary and secondary students. They are able to transform gooey molasses into pulled taffy. With this sharing, they were ensuring that all students were able to live and savour this delicious French-Canadian tradition.
La tradition de la tire de Sainte-Catherine est célébrée à l’école Saint-Joseph


À l’école Saint-Joseph (Wawa), la tradition de la tire Sainte-Catherine se poursuit. Hier, le 25 novembre, Mme Carole Bouffard, enseignante, et les élèves du cours d’art dramatique, Kaléya Bélanger, Ella Leadbetter, Morgandy Leadbeater, Cora Nelson et Kelsey Scott ont préparé de la tire pour tous les élèves de l’école élémentaire et de l’école secondaire! Par ce partage, on a voulu partager les délices de cette belle et délicieuse tradition canadienne-française.



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