Jagmeet Singh outlines NDP priorities for throne speech


OTTAWA — NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says his caucus is ready to work with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but he should not take their support for granted.

Singh says he is looking for a number of specific things in tomorrow’s throne speech including bolder targets for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions as way to fight against climate change.

He says the Liberal government has to drop its legal fight against a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal order for Ottawa to compensate First Nations children who were inappropriately placed in foster care.

He also wants a firm commitment to universal pharmacare and greater investments in health care.

The Liberals and the NDP both campaigned on a promise to bring in some form of universal pharmacare.

Singh says if Trudeau’s goal is simply power rather than meaningful progress he can turn to the Conservatives or Bloc Quebecois for support.


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