Former chair of Conservative leadership race says quick vote possible


OTTAWA — A senior Conservative instrumental in the party’s last leadership race says holding another at the upcoming convention in April is feasible, but would take a lot of work.

Dan Nowlan ran the leadership organization committee for the 2017 contest that ended in the photo-finish win of Andrew Scheer.

But a new race was launched last week when Scheer said he’ll resign as soon as the party picks another leader.

His decision to step aside came after months of pressure linked to Scheer’s failure to win a majority, but that took a back seat to accusations emerging last week that he’d used party funds to send his kids to private school.

Caught in the crossfire was the party’s long-time executive director, Dustin Van Vugt, who signed-off on Scheer using the funds that way, a decision that provoked the ire of the party’s chief fundraisers, including former prime minister Stephen Harper.

Nowlan called Van Vugt “one of the most obviously hard-working and ethical” people he’s ever worked with and that it was disappointing he won’t play a role in the next leadership contest.


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