Agawa Crafts and Canadian Carver Sold


It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the completed purchase of Agawa Crafts and the Canadian Carver, a favourite stop for many travelling in northern Ontario. Agawa Crafts and the Canadian Carver is located 75 km north of Sault Ste. Marie and has been a popular tourist stop for over 40 years, known for its outstanding customer service, hand crafted carvings and craft shop.

We do not intend on changing anything when it comes to operating this business as it has been so successful for so long. Three staff are being retained and the former owners, June and Gerry Demers, have agreed to assist us during the transition period. We would like to continue to operate the business the way the Demers have done in the past.

The Serpent River First Nation Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit entity that works at arm’s length of Serpent River First Nation focusing on generating revenue for the community through various projects, which include a gas station of our own, our Trading Post gift shop, business acquisition and other projects that arise in the area.

It is our goal to generate own-sourced revenue for the entire community. It is our mission to build on the previous reports and community development decisions by cultivating viable business opportunities on treaty lands, traditional territories, and wherever they may be found to ensure the growth of sustainable revenue streams that improve the quality of life for community members while being respectful of the traditions. We will judiciously and thoughtfully serve the vision and mission of Serpent River First Nation by constantly striving to promote and enhance financial and economic self-sufficiency for the community and all its members.


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