Maple Leaf Foods CEO takes aim at U.S. government over plane crash in Iran


TORONTO — The CEO of Maple Leaf Foods is speaking out against the U.S. government days after an Iranian missile accidentally shot down a jetliner, killing all 176 people on board — including the family of a company employee.

Michael McCain says the time since Wednesday’s crash has not quelled his anger over what he describes as a “needless, irresponsible series of events in Iran.”

He says he feels that “a narcissist in Washington” destabilized the region, ultimately leading to the crash.

The plane was mistakenly shot down just hours after Iranian forces targeted bases where Americans were stationed in Iraq.

They were retaliating for the U.S. killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

McCain says he’s both livid and mourning for his colleague’s wife and 11-year-old son, who were killed on the plane.


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